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Osbourn Park Dance Team Tryout Application

Please complete and return on the 1st day of tryouts


Personal Information



Phone #:


Parent’s e-mail:


Grade Level for 21-22 School Year:

Medical Information



Phone #:

  • Are you allergic to any medications? If Yes, please list;
  • Are you currently taking any medication? If yes, please list;
  • Are you currently being treated for any illnesses/injuries? If yes, please list;


Other Information

  1. Do you attend a dance studio? If yes, please provide the name!

  1. How many years attending a studio?

  1. Technique Level? (1-10) With 1 being ability to only do a single turn and 10 being able to do everything on tryout list proficiently!


Participant Signature:


Parent Signature:


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